About Bramblewood Stables


Kimberly Carter

Kim attended Wofford College where she graduated summa cum laude with a BA in English and a BA in Art History. Though she took a break from riding and showing while she attended college she has since come to realize that the liberal arts curriculum and a systematic study of riding are quite similar. She believes we are all lifelong students in all our endeavors, but particularly when it comes to the horse. From art to literature, throughout history - the horse has inspired and fueled so many masterworks. Kim loves teaching because it gives her the opportunity to see riders broaden their genius and learn to feel and react in ways never before thought possible.

Kim is an ARIA Level III instructor (http://www.riding-instructor.com/) in Hunt Seat.  For many years she worked closely with Gerald Pack, retired Master of the Greenville Hounds, to develop a system of teaching that is founded in the unique style of the great American instructors of the past century along with a dose of the best European traditions.

As owner and head trainer at Bramblewood Stables, Kim utilizes a multi-disciplinary approach to guide riders to a greater connection to their horse and the world around them. A writer by trade and passion, Kim was recently Writer in Residence at The Upstate Writer’s Project young writer’s camp, conducts workshops within the public school system, and hosts equine-based, journaling clinics at the farm. She is also an owner and board member of Communications Service Center, Inc. founded by her grandfather, Floyd Winchester, Jr. in 1950.

Read more about Kim’s founding of Bramblewood Stables at Wofford College's Blog.

Discover more about Kim and Bramblewood at her blog: Bramblewood Stables, Live, Love, Learn.

Rachel Lecture Neese

Rachel is an ARIA Level II certified instructor in both hunt seat and dressage. She graduated summa cum laude from Virginia Intermont College with a BA in Equine Studies and a minor in Business Administration. While at Virginia Intermont, she participated and competed successfully in IHSA. She is currently working toward an additional degree in Paramedics.

As co-trainer at Bramblewood Stables, Rachel places emphasis on a well-rounded equestrian education from the ground to the saddle. She believes that a true horseman knows their horses from the inside out, starting with general healthcare and nutrition and continuing through the many stages of riding and ground work. Rachel is currently training with USDF judge and clinician, Andre Pool, as she works toward a medal aboard Bramblewood’s Welsh pony, Cerramar.

In her own words: Our students are taught from Day 1 that the needs of the horses come first. We must treat horses, our partners, with the dignity and respect they deserve (which is quite a lot!.) I approach riding with a sympathetic view, in which we are attuned to the needs of each, specific mount. My students learn to ask themselves, “How can I create the best quality out of THIS horse’s natural abilities.” Lessons are highly individualized for students as well – we all have different needs and different desires for our time spent at the barn, and my purpose is that every student who comes down our driveway is stepping into an environment of safety, positivity, growth and fun. Whether you have a 5-year old looking to try a new activity, are an adult wanting some time for yourself, have a teenager who uses time spent with horses to develop life skills, or are in your seventies and looking for a fun way to stay active . . .whether you ride for sport, or recreation, exercise, or fun, or even if you don’t wish to ride at all, preferring to explore the many other areas of horsemanship . . .you have a place here. (But your ego doesn’t!)

Bramblewood is home to Rachel’s historic Kandyman, and her young rescue, Eliza, who she’s nurtured from foal to starting. Read more about Rachel’s theories and methods at her blog: http://www.rachel-princesseliza.blogspot.com/

Sarah Dame Boudreaux

Sarah is native of Virginia horse country, in the suburbs of DC, where she had her first riding experience at the legendary Jane Marshall Dillon Junior Equitation School in Vienna. Graduating with a BA in Theater Arts from Virginia Tech, Sarah also achieved minors in Vocal Performance and English. She came to South Carolina in 2000 to study for an additional BA in Music Education at Converse College. It was there that she met her husband, then Director of Opera for Converse, and worked alongside him to produce 5 full-length and 4 one-act operas, serving as Stage Manager. Her favorite production was La Boheme.

Sarah joined the Bramblewood Stables family in 2007, finally finding the time to explore her lifelong fascination with horses. She purchased her first mount, Bella, a Dutch cross out of a USDF Horse of the Year, and continued her education as a boarder and student while beginning her career as a dog trainer. When Bella was sold to the perfect dressage home, Sarah found herself at a crossroads that led to her combining all of her studies into one field: the retraining of our Gypsy-cross mare, Matilda. The success of that match led to Sarah joining the Bramblewood team as co-trainer.

Currently working toward her certification in Rider Biomechanics, Sarah’s knowledge of teaching theory gives her students a breadth of understanding rarely found in traditional riding lessons. Having experienced a childhood filled with the chronic pain of Juvenile Arthritis, Sarah understands the mind/ body connection and gives her riders new and inventive ways of translating their movements to the horse. Incorporating yoga and breath work, Sarah’s multi-disciplinary approach is on the forefront of innovative trends in the equine industry.

Sarah’s philosophy of learning to ride includes “slow and steady” and “safety first.” In fact, her true obsession is ground work and, if she could, she would convince everyone to spend weeks, months or years working their horses from the ground, bonding and learning their behaviors before attempting serious work in the saddle.

You can read more about Sarah at her blog: http://thematildaproject.blogspot.com/

Stephanie Gibson

Stephanie Gibson, having completed her USDF Bronze medal aboard her mare Summer Blast, is currently working on her Silver medal. “My love of horses began as a four year old when my grandmother took me to a horse show,” she says. “I’m excited to be teaching horsemanship once again and look forward to the coming years on this new path.”

Soon after Stephanie witnessed her first horse show, she began riding lessons with Jennifer Jones at Foxcroft Farms. From there she received her first horse and joined Foothills Pony Club at the age of 13 where she worked her way up the ranks and discovered her love of teaching by assisting the younger riders as part of the program. 

Graduating with a BA in Psychology from Converse College, Stephanie continued to instruct riders and also realized her passion for dressage as she worked with Olympian, Kay Meredith, in Raleigh, NC.   

Returning to Greenville, Stephanie followed in the footsteps of her father, who owned a gym, and became an American College of Sports Medicine personal trainer, a calling which she believes goes hand in hand with the approach we take with the horses. 

Currently Stephanie is available for sessions at Bramblewood Stables and abroad. Her unique approach to rider biomechanics allows her to bridge the gap between movement above and below the saddle — a true marriage of rider motion and horse response. Her love of dressage allows her to develop a whole-horse program that will assist riders both young and seasoned toward the discipline, and goals, of their choice.

About Bramblewood

Bramblewood Stables was brought together by serendipity (or more formally, Gerald Pack at Stoney Knoll Farms, Inc.). Lots of websites give stock responses and bios but anyone who has spent a lot of time with us knows, we do things a little differently at Bramblewood. This farm exists because of moments that cannot be replicated.

Bramblewood has become what it is today from terrifically hard work, incredible clients, wonderful friends and a good dose of chance and divine intervention.

On this page you will find a lot of standard answers to your questions about our background and experience, but we hope that as you click to the next page you'll leave with something more - a feeling for the spirit of our farm. For many people, Bramblewood is a refuge. We're not just instructors, trainers and apprentices, we're caretakers of a place that feeds the soul. We cannot express enough gratitude to Foxcroft's (as this facility was known for years) owners. In another of those serendipitous moments, they found us the day that we were trying to reach them to ask about taking the place. We are grateful beyond measure.