Horse University


Horsemanship That Goes Beyond Riding

What is Horse University?

In 2014, we conceived a program where real knowledge of all things horses could be instilled into our students. We wanted an opportunity to give both adult and young students a solid base of knowledge that will allow them to talk intelligently about their passion as well as increase awareness and help with critical thinking and problem solving.

Horse University is a series of classes that gives students a sense of accomplishment and growth outside of the riding arena, no matter their ability in the saddle.

It is rare that we learn by hearing something one time so our desire is that the HU classes will be reviewed and reinforced during the inclement weather barn lessons. Thus Bramblewood students own the knowledge they gain and can apply it when needed.

Horse University Classes (indicated in red in the events listing you can find to the right) are the foundational classes which will work hand-in-hand with inclement weather barn lessons. Each class is from 4:00-6:00pm on the date indicated. The cost is $35.00 per class.

‘Horse University Presents’ (indicate in blue in the events listing you can find on the right) are community building special events designed for fun, learning, and expanding our world view. These events often involve the whole family. Dates, times and prices vary.

Please join us for this exciting opportunity to learn and grow with horsemanship that goes beyond riding.


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