Bramblewood News

  • October Events

    Join us for an exciting month of events at Bramblewood:

    October 16-17: Autumn Break Day Camp

    October 25: Horse University Halloween Party

    October 26: Rider Exhibition Show

    See your instructor for sign ups! Happy Fall everyone!

  • Finding the Right Words for Fear

    . . .But I’ve also encountered a lot of perfectly verbal, two-footed creatures who have no language to describe their fears, who cannot tell me what is wrong (I count myself amongst them).  So how do we create an environment that is mutually conducive to putting someone at ease while helping them find their strength?

    For me, horses have always been that conduit.  The quickest way to smack myself out of impending panic is to have something bigger to focus on.  It’s impossible to spend a day in a barn without a constant stream of crises to be averted, things that must be attended to, my body working more than my mind.  If airplane seats came with a series of tasks or puzzles, there would be far fewer people freaking out during take off (bonus points for the illusion that the tasks were somehow keeping the plane aloft). . . Read the full article at Kim Carter's site.

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