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  • Spring Break Camp!

    Spring Break Camp 

    wants you to sign up!



    Tuesday March 31-Friday April 3 



    at Bramblewood Stables

    click here for more information.

    wants you to sign up!

  • Hearing Your Horse Through the Noise

    Visit Horse Collaborative to read Kim's current blog post:

    "Sometimes we, riders and instructors alike, need to just shut up and listen." Read more here



  • Always forward, never back.

    A new blog post from Kim:

    “Try once to go forward,” Maggy texted. “You know where you’re going, remember? Remember the horse you ride, remember what you tell us: forward is better than standing still and safer than backward. However, if it is not a good day, that’s ok too. But just try to go forward. You know it works and it’s safe.”

    Click here to read more.






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