Our training packages are designed to educate both horse and rider. From the breaking of young horses, the reschooling of problem horses, to balancing the older horse for many more years of fitness - the owner works in tandem with Bramblewood trainers to identify problems and correctly bring the horse to each level of training. There are no quick fixes in our program and horse owners are encouraged to actively participate in the training process.

A horse that is truly balanced, forward and straight, is a joy to ride. A horse that understands every nuance of its riders aids is happy to begin its work each day. Happy, fit, healthy horses are the goals of dressage. However it is very rare these days to hop on horse that exhibits any of these qualities. And in this world of instant gratification very few people have the patience or time to commit to a program of the systematic study of dressage.

We do ourselves a disservice to think that dressage is an art unto itself, that it cannot be combined with all the other disciplines that give us more immediate satisfaction: trail riding, jumping, games and pleasure. Because dressage is riding in all its forms, from the moment we take a horse out of its stall to the second we release over a jump. We owe it to our horses to understand dressage so that we can communicate clearly, fairly and kindly when we ask them to complete any task.